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Politique de confidentialité

Dernière mise à jour le 16/08/2019

Welcome to Techtoprint !

Avant d'utiliser notre plate-forme, veuillez lire cette politique de confidentialité qui explique comment nous utilisons et protégeons vos informations personnelles.

Cette page est conçue pour vous aider à mieux comprendre la façon dont nous recueillons et utilisons vos informations en tant que commerçant, partenaire ou simplement visiteur sur notre site afin de vous offrir la meilleure expérience de votre vie. En visitant notre site Web, vous consentez expressément à la collecte, à l'utilisation et à la divulgation de vos informations personnelles conformément à la présente politique de confidentialité.

La collecte d'informations comprend des informations personnelles relatives à l'exécution des services. Nous nous engageons à respecter la vie privée de nos clients et visiteurs afin de respecter scrupuleusement votre vie privée et de maintenir une utilisation responsable de vos informations.

The personal information of any visitor under the age of 13 is never intentionally collected.

Please note that if you provide us with personal information about other people, it will only be used for the specific reason it was provided for. According to this privacy policy, when you submit the information, you authorize us to process it on your behalf.

Only the information due to the activities on our platform and servers is collected, and does not allow the collection or use by our merchants, partners or other companies, or any other individuals not employed by us. Note that if you visit a hosted website on our platform, another entity may collect your personal information. Make sure to review its privacy policy before providing any information.

1- What information do we collect and why?

  A- Account

As a merchant registered on our website, some information is collected from you to provide you and your customers with the best experience. Your information is collected to:

To confirm your identity, contact you, provide you with advertising and marketing.

To give you access and improve our personalized services.

To make sure that legal and regulatory requirements are respected.

To provide you with payment services with risk and fraud monitoring.

To be able to process orders and better serve your customers.

The main information we collect from you is about:

Your name, company name, address, email address, phone number(s), payment details, the Techtoprint websites that you visit, the time and location from where you visit your account or the platform, including information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, your business address, business type, business ID number, date of birth for individual business owners, bank account information and government-issued identification information where applicable, your customers personal information.

  B- Your customers

We collect your customers personal information that you share with us or that customers provide while shopping, browsing or during checkout on your site. Your customers information is collected to:

To provide our merchants with the best services, the processing orders supporting, risk and fraud screening, authentication, and payments. 

To improve our services.

To help customize and improve your experience when you visit a store by showing your design or your customer’s design on all other products to incite him to buy more of the products he likes.

The main information we collect from your customers is about:

Your name, email, shipping and billing address, payment details, company name, phone number, IP address, information about orders, information about all the Techtoprint merchant stores they visit, and information about the device and browser they use.

  C- Our partners

Our partners are the different individuals and businesses (like printers, suppliers or developers) that have entered in a partnership agreement with us.

The information is collected from our partners to:

To work with you, confirm your identity, contact you, pay you.

To screen for risk, fraud, or any other similar types of issues.

To give you access to our services and improve them.

To personalize the service for you.

The main information we collect from our partners is about:

Your name, company name, website, social media handles, phone number(s), address, business type, email address, PayPal Account, Techtoprint websites that you visit, the time and location from where you visit your account or the platform, including information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, your customers information that you share with us or that they provide to us directly.

  D- General browsing

If you are a visitor who is willing to be a customer or just taking a look on our platform, we collect anonymous data from you mainly about:

the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, information about the cookies installed on your device, personal information submitted by you via any messaging feature, your phone number and call audio during a phone call, name, email address, website URL, and other personal information you may post in forum users.

D- General browsing

If you are a visitor who is willing to be a customer or just taking a look on our platform, we collect anonymous data from you mainly about :

  F- Other collected information

We collect your phone number and audio call from telephone users.

From chat support users, we collect some personal information, the devise used, network connection and IP address.

Also, from forum users, name, address and website URL are collected to provide you a great experience.

2- How do cookies work?

An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user web browser when the user is browsing. They are mainly used by websites to improve the browsing experience of a user.

Techtoprint uses cookies to:

 -Provide you with a personalized experience, personalized advertising,
ad delivery, and reporting across multiple sessions and devices.

 -Serve targeted ads from Google, Facebook, Bing and other third-parties.

 -Our third-party advertising partners also use cookies to track your visits to our websites and elsewhere on the Internet in order to provide you with targeted ads.

Web beacons, software development kits, and other automated tracking methods might also be used on our websites, in our communications with you, and in our products, to guarantee performance.

3- When is your information shared with third parties? And why?

The third parties might have access to your information to help provide you with our best services. So your information may be shared in the following circumstance:

To help us with marketing or advertising compaigns

To make sure we are conform to legal requirements, or to respond to
lawful court orders, subpoenas, warrants, or other requests by public authorities.

to avoid illegal activities or to or take action against them.

If the merchant whose store you visit or access directs us to transfer this information.

To conduct quality assurance and testing.

For any purpose other than those mentioned above, Techtoprint will always ask for your permission before sharing your information with any other third party.

Your personal information might be shared with a third party or a company that enters in a relation with us, through merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or any other similar transaction.

We don’t control the third parties when they use your personal information, and their use is submitted to their own privacy policies. If you do not want that your information be shared in this manner, you can choose not to use those third-party services.

4- Third party apps:

You can connect your stores with third party applications to provide new features to your store. Note that we have no control over how the applications collect, use or share your information. They have their own privacy policy; their use is not subject of our policy.

5- For how long do we conserve your information?

As long as we have a relationship with you, we will be maintaining your personal information. Once the relationship is ended for a certain reason, we will no longer have the right to use your information.

We might continue to store your personal information in our archive for legitimate business purposes, for audit purposes or to comply with the law. Except when we receive an erasure request.

Anonymous information is still going to be stored when visiting our website, without identifiers.

6- How is your information kept in security?

If you provide us with your information, or we collect it directly or through a partner, be sure that we will take effective precautions to protect it from loss, disclosure or destruction.

We follow Industry Standards for information security management to guard information in safety, such as intellectual property, employee details, financial information or any other type of sensitive or personal information entrusted to us.

You obviously know that no method of transmission over the internet is a 100% secure. That’s why we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

7- How can you control and access to your information?

We completely understand and value your rights over your personal information, that’s why we have taken steps to allow you access, modify or correct it.

If you are a customer or a partner, you can update many types of personal information directly from your account settings.

If you find difficulties in changing your information or if you are concerned about data collected as you visit our site, contact us at

If you are our customer’s client, and want to exercise these rights, please contact our customer directly.

And please note that if you delete or limit the use of your personal information, the service might not function properly or certain services might not be available.

8- What if we change this privacy policy?

We reserve the right to make any changes to this privacy policy at any time to reflect changes to our privacy practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Therefore, please check this page periodically. If any material changes are made, we will notify you via your email address for the registered users. We will post a notice on our home page as well.

Your continued use of our Services after the posting of changes to this privacy policy will mean that you consent to and accept those changes. If you don’t consent, you should stop using our services