How to start

How to Start an Online Store with Techtoprint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Add your logo

How to modify your logo and favicone

The logo is the 1st step to start your website design. you need to have the logo already made and ready to use.

1- Sign in to your admin session 
2- click on Add logo in the first section of the Dashboard 
3- Choose your logo and the icon file from your device 
4- Press validate and refresh the home page

Choose a Template

Choose or Modify your Template

Techtorpint offer you many template design ready to use and simple to edit.

1- In your admin session, click on choose a template in the 2nd session of the dashboard 
2- Choose the template design from the list and click on select 
3- Fill all the required information and confirm

Customize your Template

Add products

Create product Designs

Customize Product Builder

Shipping and delivery

Set up analytics

POptimize your SEO

Add your domaine

Contact support