How to promote your e-commerce site at lower costs
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How to promote your e-commerce site at lower costs!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to invest thousands of euros to launch your business. There are many ways to promote your products on a small budget. The key is to invest your money in marketing initiatives that generate the highest return of investment, without spending money where you could learn to do it yourself.

So let’s have a look at the many free tools you can use to reduce the costs of your marketing initiatives, as well as paid marketing ideas that generate the highest ROI !

Free tools to minimize content creation costs :

When you have a small budget, the most important thing is to minimize costs as much as possible.

Create visuals with Canva :
Canva is a free platform that helps you create different visuals using a simple drag and drop method. You can choose the type of visual you want to create first (Facebook publication, cover photo, etc.) and you will receive a document already set up in the desired format. You can take inspiration from their already created templates and adjust the message.

Free lifestyle images for your marketing materials :

Lifestyle photos are a great way to give soul to your marketing images. The problem is that creating yours takes a lot of money and effort - not only to organize a photoshoot, but also to hire models and, of course, the photographer.

Stock photos have come a long way and are more varied and of higher quality than ever before. There are many new platforms where photographers are making their images available under the "Creative Commons Zero" license, which means that you can use the images freely.

Here are some good sites to get started:
- Unsplash
- Stock up
- Pexels

Free stock image and product placement photos :

It is important to show your products in use or in real life. Here are some tools that will allow you to place your creations on mock-ups.

- Mockup World - offers high-quality PSD mock-ups for virtually every product imaginable.
- PlaceIt (affiliate link, read more here) - search through hundreds of realistic mock-ups of t-shirts, murals, phones, etc., and then simply drag and drop your design.

Make gifs / videos for free :

The video format is one of the trendiest formats on social networks, there is no doubt about it. Gifs and video content are great because not only do they give more meaning than an image, but they also grab your reader's attention as they scroll through their news feed.

Here are some gif tools to consider:
- - create gifs from existing videos (e.g. those available on Youtube)
- Giphy Slideshow - paste different images to create your own gif
- - create your own gif by combining different images

Video tools to consider:
- iMovie application - available for iOS only. This is the lighter version of the iMovie operating system software.
- Magisto - the application is free to download and costs $0.99 to download a movie. Use it to compile photos and video material into a movie.

Free communication channels for content distribution :

Rather than spending money to distribute your content through means such as Google ads or other PPC platforms, take advantage of free, actionable channels.

Here are some ideas:
- Non-call to action publications: create articles and publish them on platforms with low entry barriers.
- Reddit or relevant forums: Forums are a great place to publicize your product as they already attract like-minded people. Just make sure you are not too spammy. A basic rule of thumb is to always be helpful.
- Social media: the obvious distribution platform that can be used for free. Go one step further by using the tools that the platforms themselves push: Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories

Paid marketing tools with high ROI potential :

There are countless potential directions you can take when you have $50 in your budget for paid marketing initiatives. Here are the tools that will give you the most value for your money.

- Remarketing with Facebook: Remarketing with Facebook consists of posting ads to people who have already visited your store. Visitors to a store who have viewed a remarketing ad are 70% more likely to become a buyer.

- Why does it work? Because you don't need to waste time (and resources!) explaining your brand, your products or why new customers should pay more attention to it. They already know it and it's up to you to give them a little push to remind them why they visited your site in the first place (because your products are great and they need them, of course!).

How to set up Facebook : Go to your Facebook Ads account and select "Audiences". Click on "Create an Audience" and select "Custom Audience". Select "Website Traffic" from the options presented. Choose the visitors you wish to re-target (you can choose all visitors to your website, visitors to a specific page, etc.). Create your pixel - you will be presented with a small piece of code Copy your pixel code to your website Create your ad ( Copying the pixel code to your website is different for each platform. ) Use your retargeting ads to remind your visitors of the products they are looking for. You can be creative with your message. Facebook ads targeted to a similar audience A "similar audience" or "lookalike audience" is a Facebook generated audience that is similar to an audience you already have. You can create a similar audience by uploading your newsletter subscribers list or a list of visitors to your online store. Facebook then uses it to locate people with similar profiles and serve your ads. Chances are they have similar interests and are therefore also interested in your products.

Printable packaging:

If you have a budget left over, try to add a personal touch to your packaging in your order. But not just in any way. To get the most out of this investment, they must provide a maximum return on investment.

Here are some ideas:
- Stickers: People love stickers. It's something that's going to be stuck somewhere permanently and serves as a reminder of your brand. In addition, it could result in an image and advertising message on social networks.
- Discount code: Include a small note thanking your buyer for the purchase, and don't forget to add the links to the social networks where you are present. And the piece of resistance - a discount code. This will encourage repeat purchases, thus increasing the value of a buyer.

Récemment, nous avons analysé en profondeur l'optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche des pages de produits de votre boutique en ligne, raison pour laquelle nous n'aborderons que brièvement ce sujet maintenant.

Si vous souhaitez que Google et d'autres moteurs de recherche vous donnent la préférence sur vos concurrents, il ne vous suffit pas d'utiliser les mots clés appropriés.

- Vous devez remplir vos pages avec un contenu original, pertinent et unique.
- Vous devez fournir les metadonnées, tout en faisant attention aux mots-clés à longue queue également.
- Vous devez également utiliser le contenu multimédia : comme nous l'avons déjà mentionné dans la section sur YouTube, les vidéos ont tendance à être bien classées.
- Vous devez faire attention à votre profil de lien : qui vous lie à vous et d'où, et vous devez également éviter les techniques de chapeau noir, techniques qui sont interdites par Google.

It is not necessary to invest thousands of dollars to achieve marketing results. By combining all these elements into one digital marketing strategy, you get a solid and inexpensive campaign. Better yet, if you find a marketing channel that works, you can reinvest the revenue and increase your store's income exponentially.